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As the President of the GAFC I wanted to let each of you know my primary goal for the association. I want to enhance the communications between the GAFC, and our many stakeholders around the state. This will require two way communications between all of us to accomplish this. With your help we can become a more unified fire service and better serve our citizens. Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions.

Charles Wasdin GAFC President 

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You are invited to Join GAFC today! Check out the Resources page for certification program information.

Business Memberships are also available.


Order IFSTA books from the association.  CallYalonde 678-686-6239 for a quote. Download the order form.


Need a book that is NOT IFSTA – place your order though Fire Service Book Store.


FireRescue GPO has a new cooperative procurement partnership with Sourcewell, one of the largest cooperative purchasing organizations in North America.


Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) is a government organization providing cooperative purchasing solutions across the United States and Canada to over 50,000 public-agency members. 


With over 400 competitively awarded vendors, members have access to contracts for fire apparatus, ambulances, fleet vehicles and products, facilities (MRO), furniture, office supplies, leasing services, and more.


To use Sourcewell contracts, you must register for Sourcewell. Membership is free with no obligation to purchase.


Learn more about the new partnership.